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This website was a thriving brain development information database that has been destroyed by Dutch blogger Wim Dankbaar - the JFK assassination conspiracist who sells fraudulent material on the intenet claiming that James Files murdered President John F. Kennedy.В Read all about Dankbaar here and you may also visit Cybersoup for the truth about his crazy and harmful conspiracy against that company's investors, one of whom had previously been associated with this site. But even though that man has not been associated with this site for many years, Mr. Dankbaar has refused to remove his lies about Braintrackers from the internet. As you can read here and on Cybersoup, Mr. Dankbaar has a history of stalking, harassment, defamation and theft.


вЁIn late 2013, Dutchman Wim Dankbaar illegally acquired the diary of a 16 year old murder victimвs mother.В The diary contained the motherвs deepest feelings during her grieving process. And, without any thought to the harm he would be doing, Wim Dankbaar re-published it on the internet for the world to see, claiming it was all part of his вinvestigatingв the girlвs murder, even though he was not authorized in any legal capacity to do so.

A legal complaint was filed by the mother and the judge ruled that her diary is a copyrighted work and Dankbaar was ordered to remove from the internet all defamatory statements he made in the process along with any publicly broadcast pages of the diary. He was also ordered to pay a hefty fine for each day it remained on the internet. The motherвs lawyer saidВ publications вby these conspiracy theorists who just want to profit from the workв are particularly painful for herв.

Wim Dankbaar is, of course, the Dutch blogger who continues to sell known fraudulent materials related to the JFK assassination on his JFK murder website claiming that jailed inmate James Files is the sole assassin of President Kennedy.


Wim Dankbaar was back in Dutch court in February 2014 because he was continuing his usual course of business to defame, harass and stalk various people across the internet.

While he was what he called вinvestigatingв the 1999 murder of a 16-year-old Dutch girl, Dankbaar went on to defame the father of the dead girlвs friend, likening him to a NAZI collaborator. The two victims in this case claimed compensation for more than 1500 euros in total.

The prosecution demanded that Dankbaar be penalized with 80-hours community service and 4 weeks suspended prison sentence for libel and insult. Dankbaar was ordered to have hisВ slanderous text removed from the internet immediately and for every offense thereafter, Dankbaar was to spend a month in jail.


вЁDutchman Wim Dankbaar was arrested and jailed for conspiracy and email theft against famous Dutch Crime Reporter Peter R. DeVries. Granted this occurred in 2007, but it shows how doing business with Dankbaar can be risky business.

The JFK assassination conspiracist had his computers confiscated in a case of fraud, conspiracy, deception, invasion of privacy and theft against Peter R. DeVries that had police engaged in a two hour search of Dankbaar's home in the Netherlands where they came away with several computers, files and DVDs. вЁвЁDeVries was actually Dankbaar's business partner at the time and the two had been together in the United States collaborating on a film project about President Kennedyвs assassination which Mr. DeVries was to promote as a favor to Dankbaar.В Dankbaar returned the favor by stealing DeVries' email account password, reading his emails and then, believe it or not ... forwarding them to third parties, including a competing crime journalist.вЁвЁAnd Dankbaar admits the crime. Not only did he forward emails related to a murder case that DeVries was investigating for his popular crime show in the Netherlands, but Dankbaar invaded DeVries' private life by forwarding "SEX EMAILSв, also to third parties, that he discovered in DeVries' email account. Dankbaar fluffed it all off as interesting trivia to be ignored by everyone.

Around the same time, Dankbaar was also embroiled in a lawsuit against the daughter of CIA operative Chauncey Holt whose story he allegedly bought from her. He then claimed she was not allowed to even mention her own father's name.В вЁвЁ


In 2013, JFK assassination conspiracist, Wim Dankbaar, was ordered by a Dutch court to undergo a psychological examination after he repeatedly challenged the court hearing his case which involves Dankbaar's ongoing defamation and stalking of people who oppose his theories about a famous Dutch murder.
Dankbaar repeatedly tried to challenge the Court and after each attempt failed, the fed-up court finally ordered that the disturbed Dankbaar be examined for his aggressive public actions.

Dankbaar was in court because he defamed and stalked two men over the Internet in connection with the murder of a young girl in a famous case for which Dankbaar has strong opinions в which seem to be countered by every reasonable person who knows about it.вЁвЁThe victims of his massive stalking campaign won their cases against Dankbaar for defamation, libel and insult. вЁ

This is not the first time that Dankbaar has resorted to internet harassment, fraud and defamation.В He has an ongoing vendetta against the former owner of Cybersoup, American investigative reporter/consumer advocate Judd McIlvain and Dutch investigative reporter Peter R. DeVries. In November 2009, Wim Dankbaar even enlisted the aid of a mentally disturbed individual from Battle Creek, Michigan to help in his online defamation of individuals he hates while fashioning a slew of ludicrous trumpeted up charges against them.вЁвЁ


2010: Wim Dankbaar, the self-proclaimed JFK murder "expert" and well known conspiracy fanatic, was ordered by a court in the Netherlands to cease, desist and remove from all sources (including the internet) any defamation against police for their investigations in the Deventer murder case.ВВ This is a case that Wim Dankbaar's former buddy, Dutch investigative journalist PETER R. DEВ VRIES, reported on extensively

вЁвЁFollowing his customary behavior, Mr. Dankbaar posted numerous outrageous lies on his own website and harassed and threatened police officers and their families.В Additionally, as he has been known to do to many others, Dankbaar posted the private home telephone numbers and home addresses of three poliice officers involved in the investigation.В A restraining order was issued prohibiting him from approaching or contacting the police or their families.ВВDankbaar was fined 25,000 euros for each day that he ignored the court's ruling.вЁвЁ

For more information, please visit CYBERSOUP and JAMES FILES FRAUD


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